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“a highly accomplished work of art.” - All About Jazz

Icelandic artist Ingi Bjarni, whose full name is Ingi Bjarni Skúlason (pronunciation), is an improvising sound magician. He is both a pianist and composer, crafting enchanting tones and poetic melodies. In short, he creates his own kind of folk music with the freedom of expressiveness and space for both lyrical and free improvisation. 

Ingi Bjarni is praised for his unique sound and innovative approach to improvisation, which is considered rare in the current music landscape. As Jazz Journal (UK) notes, “this intriguingly gifted pianist has for some time now shown an impressive ability to shape his own world, his own poetics.” His compositions feature a strongly narrative style that reflects the individuality of his musical units, enabling him to tell stories through music. 

His fifth album, Farfuglar, or “travelling birds” in English, is a collection of original compositions with his quintet. The idea behind the album is that even when travelling is difficult, we can always journey as explorers of music! Also, we can connect through music, even if we are far apart. The album is inspired by jazz tradition, folk music, and in some ways, electronica. But in the end, it reflects Ingi’s desire to diminish boundaries shaped by genres. 

Press highlights

Adam Baruch (IL)
“very interesting piece of music, with a unique sound and unusual innovative approach to improvisation, which is almost impossible to find these days.”

Concerto Magazin (AT)
” A wonderful album that captures the North as it sounds when mixed with the various musical influences of this world.

Musiczine (BE)
“In short, Ingi Bjarni is profiling himself as an improvising sound magician.”

Jazz Views (UK)
“This gentle album sounds like the end of winter in search of spring and offers a sojourn well worth taking.”

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