Ingi Bjarni Quintet – Farfuglar (2023)
Released on NXN Recordings

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Ingi Bjarni Quintet – Tenging (2019)
Released on Losen Records

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 All About Jazz:
“Tenging is a highly accomplished work of art that flows with ease and coherence….Ingi Bjarni is deserving of wide recognition for his skills as a composer as well as his perceptive piano playing.”

Jazz Journal:
“a suite of genre-bridging music of captivating poetic ambience, rooted in an overall subtlety of melodic figure and rhythmic interaction….A distinctive and rewarding album, which impresses more and more with each hearing.” 

Ingi Bjarni Quintet

Icelandic pianist Ingi Bjarni brings together artists and friends from his longtime association with Scandinavia, in a quintet consisting of Norwegian trumpeter Jakob Eri Myhre, Estonian guitarist Merje Kägu (based in Sweden), Norwegian drummer Tore Ljøkelsøy and Faroese bassist Bárður Reinert Poulsen (based in Norway).

Leading from the piano – equally as director, colorist and soloist – he observes the tonal synergy between Myhre’s trumpet lines and Kägu’s electric-guitar hues, enlivened by or ambiently bathed in the sensitive bass and percussion of Poulsen and Ljøkelsøy. All the while, the spacial and improvised diversity of their output vividly reflects Skúlason’s desire to diminish boundaries of genre, though his work is particularly influenced by jazz tradition, Nordic folksong and electronica. 

In August 2019 the quintet released its first studio album, Tenging (connection). The album received positive reviews internationally, and it got five nominations for the Icelandic Music Awards in 2020. In February 2023, new quintet album Farfuglar is out! The idea behind the title is, that even when travelling is difficult, we can always travel as explorers of music! Also, we can connect through music, even if we are far apart.

Ingi Bjarni Quintet – Farfuglar (2023)
Rleased on NXN Recordings

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